The family

In Saint-Lazare, the family is the nucleus of the community. It takes on various forms and includes individuals from all generations. Seniors make a positive contribution to the family which, in turn, returns the favour by meeting their specific needs. In Saint-Lazare, the family conveys a rich heritage. This heritage consists in the transmission of values, attitudes and behaviours to future generations, but also in the beauty of its rural environment built over generations. This is a most original way to ensure the continuity of the community.

Thinking and acting family, thinking and acting senior

For many years, the Town of Saint-Lazare has been thinking and acting family when it was time to build new infrastructures and improve services to the population. With the adoption of a families and seniors policy, elected officials are now also thinking and acting senior when making decisions. Why? The answer is simple. In Saint-Lazare, family is synonymous with youth; residents between the ages of 30 and 49 represent 33.40% of our population. Yet these families surround themselves with men and women from previous generations. This combination fosters creativity and the sharing of knowledge, in other words it leads to positive interaction between residents. Saint-Lazare wants to preserve this alliance by putting in place measures designed to improve the well-being of people aged 50 and over. The families and seniors policy also seeks to bring residents together through the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Being active, eating healthy… two small measures for a vibrant community.

Being active, eating healthy… two small measures for a vibrant community.

Saint-Lazare, a green town

There is no doubt that Saint-Lazare’s geographic location is very conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Located in the Montérégie 23 km from the Ontario border, the Town of Saint-Lazare covers an area of 67.58 km2. Saint- Lazare is a green forward-thinking town known for its rural charm, its concern for the environment and its commitment to provide services which meet the changing needs of its population. With over 19,000 residents, it is Quebec’s 2nd youngest town. Saint-Lazare is characterized by its rural landscape, its bicycle paths, its equestrian activities, its impressive forest cover, its natural habitats of great ecological value and its peaceful and family-friendly housing developments. Saint-Lazare’s natural setting and its cultural, recreational and equestrian activities all contribute to the quality of life and personal development of all members of the community.