The Town of Saint-Lazare has a wide range of services and infrastructures for seniors. The elected officials nevertheless want residents aged 50 and over to have peace of mind and feel like full-fledged members of the community.

Peace of mind

Everyone should feel safe when walking out their front door and everyone should have peace of mind when envisioning the future. This will be the case in Saint-Lazare by 2018. In our town, senior peace of mind will involve a set of measures addressing public safety as well as transportation and housing.

A sense of community belonging

The sharing of knowledge enriches everyone and it benefits those who give as much as those who receive. Families, youth, seniors, persons with disabilities… there are no exceptions.

Principles of active ageing

Ageing brings its share of nice surprises, for example having more time to do the things we enjoy doing. We are referring here to active ageing. By taking part in the life of their community, seniors stay healthy and enrich the day to day lives of our families, youth and disabled.

The Town of Saint-Lazare is committed to providing the incentives for people aged 50 and over to achieve their full potential. How? As regards their health, seniors have access to a regional network of preventive and curative services through a health and social services centre, a hospital and a palliative care facility among others. These institutions are complemented by stakeholders from the private sector such as pharmacies and nutrition clinics where our residents can get sound professional advice.

As regards their participation, seniors contribute significantly to the life of their community. Our seniors are active. They head several community and recreational organisations such as a bridge club and a cercle des fermières. In the coming years, their participation will be even greater with the creation of a community hall for seniors. Residents aged 50 and over will also be invited to express their views and share their ideas with us through a seniors’ committee. It goes without saying that this future committee will bring great projects to life. With the designation of a senior representative by the Recreation Department, the Town staff and elected officials will also be kept better informed.

As regards their safety, seniors have access to a wide range of regional community resources. The social, financial and physical security of people aged 50 and over is the concern of the entire Vaudreuil-Soulanges territory. Disease, dependency, undernourishment… adversity can strike at any moment. When it does, our seniors can get help from hundreds of community workers.