Word from the councillors

Mme Brigitte Asselin (former responsible)

Mme Brigitte Asselin (former responsible)

Councillor responsible for family issues - families

Mme Lise Jolicoeur (former responsible)

Mme Lise Jolicoeur (former responsible)

Councillor responsible for family issues - seniors

A broad concept of family

Our town has a broad concept of family. It includes the traditional family but also couples with young children,seniors, youth and persons with disabilities. For us, the concept of family goes beyond blood ties. We build relationships with our neighbours, with local merchants, with sports club volunteers, etc. This concept of family is very important to us. It is our starting point. The family is at the core ofseveral rewarding initiativesfor the entire community such as, for example, giving through volunteer work.

Family is wealth

The concept of family was ever present within the municipal family policy steering committee. While it included Town representatives and regionalpartners, the committee was mostly made up of committed Saint-Lazareresidents. The volunteers we worked with were nothing short of fantastic. These men and women shared their life experiences and their hopes as parents, workers, retirees or caregivers. Their participation allowed us to raise questions, discuss everyday issues, expand the scope of our reflection. This is also what family is all about.

Our involvement within the committee enabled us to get a clear picture of our population, identify what needed to be improved on our territory and confirm the actions taken in the last few years to improve the quality of life of the residents. The acquisition of the Les-Forestiers-de-Saint-Lazare nature park, the first edition of the Saint-Lazare au galop festival, the launch of the community garden, these are all actions which make our infrastructures more accessible to the entire population. Together, we carry out beautiful projects and our desire to go even further remains strong.

Finally, we sincerely thank all the residents who played an active part in the development of this municipal family policy and senior-friendly municipality approach by completing the on-line survey, participating in the public consultation or bringing specific issues to our attention. Your contribution opened our eyes to the concerns of our residents.

Thank you!