Adapted equipment available at parc nature (free of charge)

The Town of Saint-Lazare offers adapted equipment (free of charge) for visitors of the parc nature les Forestiers-de-Saint-Lazare. You must reserve them in advance (swimming jackets) or have them installed (lift and access ramp). ID will be required on deposit.

Facilities for the pool:

  •      Swimming jackets: 18-30 pds 30-40 pds 40-90 lbs 90-190 pds
  •      Lift for access to the pool (maximum 400 pds)
  •      Progressive access ramp to pool
  •      Picnic table suitable for wheelchair

Admission is free for residents of Saint-Lazare and Cedars, as well as for caregivers / accompanying persons with reduced mobility.

Suitable facilities are also available for a walk in the trails:

  •      Seahorse chair
  •      Off-Road Chairs