Adapted equipment to ease movement for people with reduced mobility and help handicapped people engage in activities

In September 2015, while the family policy was being developed, the recreation department got ahead and purchased an all-terrain Hippocampi chair. It also purchased in 2016:

  • 2 all-terrain, big-wheeled wheelchairs for residents who wish to walk in the nature park;
  • 6 wheelchairs (3 of 16 inches for kids, and 3 of 20 inches for adults) to allow residents to move in municipal buildings, including in the Community Centre, the Parc nature Les-Forestiers-de-Saint-Lazare and in the new Town hall;
  • A pool ramp to allow the progressive entrance into the water;
  • adapted picnic tables;
  • skates (ski-vel) for wheelchairs;
  • adapted swimming vests for kids and adults;
  • additional snow tubes for youngsters and adults;
  • additional training supports for learning how to ice skate;
  • And a person-lift to access the swimming pool

Free swim hours for seniors, as well as senior aquafitness courses also started in the summer of 2017.