Book Club for Seniors

You like reading and wish to share your readings with a group of seniors that shares the same passion?
Join the Book Club! Groups will be made with your prefered language. Meetings are held in the evening at the community center (1301, rue du Bois). The first meeting is scheduled for September.

Meetings will be held at the Community Centre (1301, Rue du Bois).
You must register before Friday, September 1st at 4 p.m.:
• In person at 1275 Rue du Bois
• 450-424-8000, extension 212

Each small group (8 people per group) will operate according to the decisions made during their first meeting (duration, choice of books, frequency, etc.). At the beginning of September, the group leader will communicate with you by e-mail or phone for a first meeting on the functioning of the club.

This action, resulting from the municipal family policy and the “Friendly Municipality of Seniors” initiative, to improve the leisure activities offered to seniors in Saint-Lazare, is implemented through the Seniors Advisory Committee.