Elder advisory council

The Elder Council has officialy started on September 19, 2016

The Town of Saint-Lazare still welcomes residents 60 years of age and over to submit their candidature to join in if they wish to help improve the well-being of Saint-Lazare’s seniors, and allow them to flourish.

The key role of Elder Council members is to support and advise the Comité de suivi de la Politique familiale municipale et de la démarche Municipalité amie des aînés on the advancement of the 2016–2018 action plan with regards to four (4) specific areas of intervention concerning seniors:

  • Transportation, public safety and mobility
  • Recreation, community life, healthy lifestyle and accessibility
  • The environment
  • Housing and accommodations

The Elder Advisory Committee provides recommendations and possible solutions for dealing with issues encountered by seniors in their daily lives, and suggests recreational programming adapted to seniors’ needs, potential conference topics directly related to the development of parks and green spaces, all with the aim of fostering integration. Members must:

  • consider the real needs of Saint-Lazare’s seniors
  • favour the physical, psychological, emotional and social autonomy of seniors
  • favour the involvement of seniors
  • provide support to vulnerable seniors

Composed of 2 elected members, 1 representative from the Recreation and Community Life Department, 2 representatives from the Communications Department and 6 seniors, the committee meets at least 4 times a year, generally according to the availabilities of the majority of members. Committee meetings take place mainly in French.

The Elder Council is complete for 2016-2018. However, if a member should resign, the Town will select a new member in the same age and sex category and district or in a category not actually represented in the committee. You should still complete the online application form or print the PDF form and forward it to Geneviève Hamel at ghamel@ville.saint-lazare.qc.ca. For more information, call 450-424-8000, extension 246.