Implementation and follow-up of the families and seniors policy

The municipal families and seniors policy is now completed. Yet, the process is on-going with the implementation of action plans for families, youth, persons with disabilities and especially the one developed for seniors.

A three-year action plan

Identify actions to be taken for the current year and subsequent years and inform the population on their progress


Managers and partners responsible forthe implementation of each action

A follow-up

A follow-up committee whose mandate will be to ensure all actions are carried out

The committee

The development of the families and seniors policy was made possible thanks to the dedication of numerous residents, community partners and Town representatives.

Patrick Bonjour, Geneviève Hamel, Yvon Carrière, Manon Leroux, Mélanie Veldhuis, Réjeanne Bilodeau, Valérie St-Amant, Marie-Josée Bétournay, Brigitte Asselin, Suzanne Joly, Jean-Guy Beaulne

Yvon Carrière, Lise Jolicoeur, Brigitte Asselin, Carmen Hébert, Marie-Josée Bétournay, Valérie St-Amant, Francis Grenier, Geneviève Hamel, Amber Juneau, Sarah Laflamme, Marie-Josée Lambert, Patrick Bonjour, Vincent Dupuy, Merry Larocque, Jean-Guy Beaulne

Residents representing seniors
  1. Jean-Guy Beaulne
  2. Yvon Carrière
  3. Suzanne Joly
Residents representing families
  1. Patrick Bonjour
  2. Vincent Dupuy
  3. Mélanie Veldhuis
  4. Manon Leroux
Resident representing persons with disabilities
  1. Réjeanne Bilodeau
Community organisations
  1. Élyse Lapointe, conseillère en promotion de la santé au CSSS de Vaudreuil-Soulanges
  2. Carmen Hébert, organisatrice communautaire au CSSS de Vaudreuil- Soulanges
Project manager
  1. Marie-Josée Bétournay, Communications M.J.B.
Town of Saint-Lazare
  1. Brigitte Asselin, conseillère municipale du district 3 et responsable des questions familiales – familles
  2. Lise Jolicoeur, conseillère municipale du district 1 et responsable des questions familiales – aînés
  3. Geneviève Hamel, directrice des communications